13-year-old gets a tat in celebration of cancer recovery

A lot of the issues we complain about on a daily basis can fall into the category of “first world problems”. You know, when your bad hair seems to be the biggest tragedy ever or when a dirty look from a random stranger sets you off. But really, will it matter in the long run? Of course not.

A far bigger, and more drastic, problem that some people will unfortunately have to face in their lives is cancer. ‘Children who have to battle cancer are forced to grow up fast and deal with adult-aged decisions. Does this mean that it’s okay for a child to get a tattoo?

It doesn’t seem like it. According to this article from The Globe and Mail, A 13-year-old boy in Washington state got a tattoo to commemorate his successful recovery from a battle with leukemia. The result? His teary-eyed mother appearing on television interviews talking about how she isn’t proud of her son for his decision.

A criminal investigation has ensued after the boy’s family saw his massive dragon tat on his chest. The dragon is about six inches tall, according to the article.

We don’t approve of minors getting inked up, but this seems to be his own parents’ fault. Get this: the dragon isn’t the boy’s first tattoo! The boy and his mom got matching heart tattoos when he was still battling leukemia.

It seems his mother wasn’t hesitant about letting her son get inked up before! So why wouldn’t he think he could get another tattoo? What do you think, is the mom to blame? Let us know in the comments!

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