Barbie sports a tatt’?

Mattel recently released the �Tokidoki Barbie� which, in addition to a pink mini skirt and sparkly silver heels, also sports several tattoos on her neck, shoulder and arms.

The new addition to the Barbie line has caused some commotion with parents who don�t feel that the tattoo�d doll is setting a good example for Barbie�s droves of young, female fans.

At this point, we think nearly anything is possible. Maybe a tattoo-removing physician Barbie will be next? We give Barbie 5-10 years before the remorse sets in. Lets hope Mattel comes up with a strategy to remove Tokidoki�s tattoos by then.

Check out more on the Barbie scandal here.

Or if you�re looking for a good laugh, check out this video from The Ellen Degeneres Show where Ellen reveals some more �realistic� dolls.



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