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Ways To Prepare Your Body For A Spring Wedding

Wedding season is officially here. Tons of couples will be exchanging vows and pledging eternal love among family, friends and in some cases, pets. Couples may not be getting married until next year which leaves plenty of time to prepare your body for a spring wedding. Couples old, young, remarrying, or committing to their partner […]
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Spring Breakers – Don’t Break The Bank on Bad Tattoos

Let’s be honest here, we know some spring breakers are going to come back with a tattoo. It’s just a fact of life. At Delete — Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon, we love seeing beautiful art work on our patients. But in this business, that typically comes in at least one or more “impulse” tattoos. […]
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The Hangover Helper – An Epic Way To Startand End St. Patricks Day

There’s nothing quite like green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. The day itself is actually a religious holiday that celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and has slowly transformed over the years to be more of a “pride day” for the Irish in celebration of their heritage. Today, the holiday is a centered around […]
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The 5 Best Ways Delete Helps Your Body Prepare For Summer

In Arizona, it’s already feels like spring. With summer weather just around the corner, some of us are running to the gym in a panic, looking for remedies for clearer skin, and researching ways to rid our bodies of stretch marks and blemishes. We can all agree on the importance of long-lasting solutions that help […]
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When “Forever” Turns Into “Whatever”

Love is in our midst. Breakups are too: So what happens when what you thought was going to be forever turns into “whatever?” Delete has solutions to solve your post-breakup heartbreak that include looking inward and using our services to empower yourself this Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing like getting back at your ex with a […]
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Costly Superbowl Tattoos – High Risk, No Return

With the Super Bowl right around the corner (literally its 4 days away) we’ve already been witness to many football team tattoos where ardent fans were wrongly preemptive. With the cost of a tattoo ranging from $60 for a small tattoo to upwards of $500, the risk with of getting a tattoo for a team […]
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10 Ways Tattoo Removal Fulfills Your 2017 Resolution List

If there’s anything more controversial than tattoos, it likely would be tattoo removal. Now, why would a tattoo removal salon say that? Some will claim that tattoos should be forever and snub your desire to remove the past. Well, At Delete, we have seen demand for safe, affordable and effective as tattoo removal becomes more […]
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7 Factors That Determine Tattoo Removal Success

Tattoo removal is booming. We don’t say that just in regard to the business as a whole, but the number of American removing their tattoos has skyrocketed since Delete — Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon opened in 2010. A recent survey from Syneron Candela, posted in the Cosmetic Surgery Times, says over 82% of those […]
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Delete-ify Yourself Before Your Big Day

It’s engagement season. According to Weddingwire, there are 10 days throughout the year where couples ask one another to put a ring on it: Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day are three days that fall onto Weddingwire’s list. Regardless of how you ask your beloved to marry you, on average it’s 12-18 months until the […]
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