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Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Celebrities make Tattoo Mistakes just like everyone else Tattoo mistakes aren’t just for regular folks. Sometimes, even much-loved celebrities end up with ink that’s questionable, to say the least. Here are some celebs that regretted their ink and went through the steps to have their regrets removed from their bodies. “No More Billy Bob for […]
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See Ya Later, 2015!

Is your tattoo destined for tattoo removal in 2016? Tattoo fads are constantly changing, and at Delete we witness the eb-and-flow of popular designs. 2015 also brought a lot of changes to our little office – the addition of the PicoWay laser revolutionized tattoo removal for many people! Let’s take a look all that’s happened […]
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A new kind of Tattoo Regret: Get a Sitter By Jason Anthony

Kids are great, but bringing them into a tattoo shop creates a whole new level of "don't go there." In this month's local owners blog, Jason Anthony of Golden Rule Tattoo Shares his feelings on kids and why they should stay home with a sitter while you're getting tattooed.
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