Delete gets rid of more than just your tattoos!

Sometimes it�s not tattoos that are causing us embarrassment. As much as we may try to follow our mother�s advice and love our body, certain marks just make us uncomfortable in our own skin.

All that tanning caught up to you?

Delete has the capability to remove and treat freckles, birthmarks, and sun & age spots. Oftentimes we�re born with these pesky spots, but that doesn�t mean we have to live with them!

Sunspots begin to appear during middle age because of prior sun exposure, which means those of us in Arizona are especially at risk! These spots must be checked out early because they can lead to melanoma, but harmless ones can be targeted with Delete�s unique laser therapy to reveal younger-looking skin!

In addition, Delete removes freckles and birthmarks. They may have been cute when you were younger, but Delete can help you achieve the smooth skin of your dreams!

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