Facial & Spider Vein Removal in Phoenix

GentleMax Pro vein removal laser treatments have proven highly effective in reducing the appearance these superficial red, purple or blue veins.

Spider veins are easily visible through the skin and found on the face around your nose, cheeks, and chin as well as the legs. Telangiectasias also known as spider veins are small dilated blood vessels measuring between 0.5 and 1 millimeter in diameter. During your complimentary consultation, Delete physician and laser experts will verify that your unwanted veins are superficial and not a sign of deep venous reflux i.e. varicose veins.

During the GentleMax Pro vein removal procedure, the targeted tissue absorbs the laser. As the temperature of the tissue is raised, superficial damaged blood vessels and broken capillaries respond by coagulating and shrinking – many disappearing altogether.

In the weeks following treatment, your damaged tissue is naturally eliminated by your body’s own internal processes, and little or no trace of the destroyed veins remain. Veins will not reappear after being removed but new veins may develop over time and require retreatment. Follow-up visits are recommended for “touch-ups.”

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