Frequently asked tattoo removal questions.

Will laser therapy treatments hurt?

Delete's® AlexELETE® by Candela laser's pulse is gentler than older technology. At Delete, all laser treatments are performed by certified, experienced physicians and nurses with lidocaine numbing and the use of the Zimmer cooler, which cools the skin before, during and after treatment. The anesthesia numbs your skin and cooling the skin to 20C minimizes any discomfort.

I have dark skin. Will Delete's laser work for me?

Yes, it will. Our laser is safe and effective on all skin types.

How will my skin look after Delete's laser treatments?

Initially, you may see redness and possibly swelling. In rare cases, the skin might blister. Do not expose the treated area to sunlight following treatment. In nearly every case, once your treatment plan is completed, your skin will return to its original, blemish free, pre-tattoo condition, without scarring or remnant ink. Visit Results to view before and after images.

Why would I want to remove my tattoo?

It's estimated that more than 50% of individuals who have a tattoo want it removed. Skin's elasticity and moisture decreases over time so today's tattoo may not look the same after five or more years. Sun exposure will distort the colors, and tattoos often stretch or sag depending on where they are located on the body. As your weight tends to fluctuate so will your tattoo, and the image will definitely distort. Tattoos change over time and many do not like the outcome.

When considering tattoo removal, accurate information about treatment options and realistic expectations are important to achieve a successful outcome. Laser tattoo removal is a simple solution for those who decide to Delete faded, stretched, or distorted tattoos.

Are there faster, cheaper methods for tattoo removal that are equally effective?

There are many techniques used to remove tattoos, including laser treatments, abrasion, scarification, and surgery. Though all of these can be effective, laser tattoo removal is the safest, most widely recommended method by today's medical experts.

Do you sell tattoo removal creams?

No. None of the tattoo removal creams on the market are effective and safe. Ink pigment is embedded below the epidermal layer of your skin beyond the reach of tattoo removal creams. Some products contain a bleaching agent and actually can harm your skin.

How many treatments will it take until the tattoo is gone?

Every tattoo is unique, and while a few inks may not disappear completely or need additional treatments, the majority of inks can be removed safely and efficiently in 10-12 treatments. Skin type, location, color, amount of ink, scarring or tissue change, layering, and age of your tattoo can influence how many treatments you will need. Delete's experts will use information you provide to quickly and accurately predict the number of treatments and the total cost of your removal. Ask about the Delete guarantee!

I have heard that green, orange and yellow are the hardest inks to remove. Can they be removed?

Yes, Delete's® AlexELETE by Candela is the first laser to remove even the most difficult colors with one laser. This laser is more complete, quicker and safer than older alternatives. Due to the different types of ink used and how deep your artist's work may have been placed, it is not always possible to remove 100% of every tattoo, but no one will be more innovative and experienced. Delete specializes in laser tattoo removal; we have to be the best.

I've tried laser tattoo removal before. Why didn't it work?

There could be any number of reasons. One key factor could be the type of laser that was used. Some lasers do not see blue ink, others red ink, and so on. If your practitioner used the wrong laser for your tattoo or if they used a low energy setting, large spot size, or short pulse width, your results are sub-optimal. Delete's AlexELETE by Candela laser can complete unfinished treatments and remove tattoos worked on previously. Remember, there are those rare tattoos that cannot be removed completely. At Delete, we are confident no one has better technology or more dedicated physicians.

Will my skin scab?

Other forms of tattoo removal burn the skin to break up the ink and bring it to the surface of the skin in a scab. Delete's cutting-edge laser does not work this way, so you will not have a tattoo-sized, multi-colored scab. It is possible for your skin to blister following a treatment, but unlikely. If it does blister, there may be a small, associated scab that needs to stay covered.

Will I have a scar where my tattoo/birthmark/freckle was?

Scarring is unlikely and only occurs in less than 3% of our tattoo removals. The AlexELETE™ by Candela's triple wave length and longer pulse width improves the results of your treatment. Excess heat associated with other laser removal options is avoided and protects you from scarring. If you do happen to blister, apply bacitracin and DO NOT pop the blister; that could cause a scar.
Most tattoo scarring is caused by an artist with a heavy hand.  Delete's CIT treatments have proven to remodel old tattoo scars and speed your body's ink removal process.
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