Inside Look at Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon

Delete is not your mama’s tattoo removal salon.  Opening at 6020 North 16th Street, Phoenix, Arizona in October 2010, Delete is a hip, comfortable salon, offering the latest technology to provide complete tattoo removal at affordable pricing. In addition to tattoo removal, the salon will provide premier services in all things laser removal’scars, birthmarks, skin lesions, wrinkles and hair.

Delete includes a reception/lounge, skin care and jewelry boutique and three treatment rooms. A palate of white, grey, and brown with accents of burnt orange and cobalt blue welcome salon-goers.  A warm and inviting rather than cool and clinical environment has been created the integration of customized lighting with interiors of European cabinetry, and flooring made from recycled rubber and cork.

To see a good look inside the salon check out this link for some great pictures!

Inside Look

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