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Delete® has been showcased in Money Magazine and The Business Journals in Phoenix and Boston
as well as regionally in Arizona's luxury magazine for affluent desert living, Arizona Foothills Magazine 
and Massachusetts’ award winning Boston Magazine. Delete has also been featured online on,, and Read more by clicking each article.

                                                                                    Article Boston Spirit Magazine         Article Boston Metro Magazine

                                                                                          March 2014                     March 2014       

 Article: Boston Metro         Article: Boston Herald           American Spa Article         Article: Boston Magazine

      March 2014                      March 2014                    February 2014                  September 2013                                       

Delete Article: Urbandaddy           Delete in The Boston Globe          Delete Article: Boston Business Journal          Delete Article:        
       July 2013                          July 2013                          July 2013                           July 2013  

Racked          Boston Event Guide          Delete Article:          Boston Bachelorette       
       May 2013                          May 2013                        May 2013                           May 2013 

The List          WA Today          Arizona Foothills          Jobs & Hire      
      April 2013                          June 2012                        June 2012                        June 2012


Daily News          MNS Now          Mail Online          Delete article: Career Builder
      May 2012                          May 2012                         May 2012                          April 2012

Delete Article: Money Magazine          Delete Article: Community Health Magazine          Delete Article: College Times          Delete Article: College Times
  September 2011               September 2011                   May 2011                          May 2011

Delete Article: College Times          Delete Article: The Business Journal          Delete Article: AZ Now.Biz          Delete Article: AZ Central
      May 2011                       February 2011                  February 2011                September 2010 

Delete Article: Arizona Business Gazette          Delete Article: The Arizona Republic          Delete Article: Health Generation Magazine         

  September 2010               September 2010                   July 2010


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