Top 3 reasons to attend the Deleteathon (hint: free tattoo removal)

This Saturday is our anniversary celebration Deletathon! Want to know why this is a can’t miss event? We’re going to lay out the top three reasons to attend Delete’s anniversary celebration:

1. Free laser tattoo removal treatments

You read that right, FREE! We want to show people how pain free tattoo removal can be and that they don’t have to live with their unwanted tattoos.

2. Free Eraser cocktails:

What kind of celebration would our Deleteathon be without some libations? We’ll be serving up our signature cocktail the Eraser all day, toasting to another wonderful year of erasing regretted tattoos!

3. Free B-12 boosts and nutrient IVs:

Body dragging lately? Feel a cold coming on? Sounds like you need a B-12 shot or a nutrient IV! We’ve shared all the benefits of B-12 before, but adding some extra B-12 to your body can rev up your internal engine so you feel energized to take on work and playtime activities in your daily lives.

Free tattoo removal We’ll have other goodies happening throughout the day as well, so fee free to drop by or reserve your spot for a free tattoo removal treatment now!  See you on Saturday Deleters!


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