Your body billboard can now show off your political beliefs

As the Fall 2012 Preseidential election draws nearer, you’re probably becoming sick of seeing the annoying, character-bashing ads and watching endless hours of pointless debates… or you will be. Seriously, we feel like theres is way too many of them. But voting is a crucial part of our wonderful Democratic process here in Amrica, so we figured we’d talk a little politics…


– Permanent politics? Try for
temporary first.

Political tattoos, that is! This article from the San Francisco Chronicle talks about Peruvian President Ollanta Humala’s creative campaign tactics. More than four million temporary tattoos promoting that candidate were produced ? that equals a tat for one out of every seven Peruvian citezens!

We think President Obama and Mr. Romney could take a page out of Ollanta?s book. How awesome of a promotion would it be to have Obama or Romney’s face tatted on your shoulder? Americans can get in on the trend by using Tattoo Manufacturing, which lets you design your own custom temporary ink.

We say go for it. Just keep the tattoos temporary- that way, if your candidate loses, you don’t want to be stuck with some regrettable ink!


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