10 Ways Tattoo Removal Fulfills Your Resolution List

If there’s anything more controversial than tattoos, it likely would be tattoo removal. Now, why would a tattoo removal salon say that? Some will claim that tattoos should be forever and snub your desire to remove the past. Well, At Delete, we have seen demand for safe, affordable and effective as tattoo removal becomes more popular and effective. There is nothing taboo about Delete, we respect everyone’s journey toward their better self.

Laser Tattoo Removal with Delete is SO much more than hitting a tattoo with a laser. Our physicians focus on the entire body – inside and out. Your health is directly related to the speed of your ink removal and directly effects how many treatments are needed. Whether you choose comfortable numbing or go hard without – the tattoo removal process is different for each patient, but the goals achieved via tattoo removal remain relatively the same. Here’s our list of ten reasons why tattoo removal in 2017 will help you check off your New Year resolutions list.

  1. “I really want to lose a few pounds.” We promote that the healthier you are, the faster your tattoo will disappear. Combining treatments with a new vitamin routine to include Fish Oil and Pure Encapsulations’ Liver GI Detox with custom nutrient infusions, and a simple exercise routine will put those extra holiday pounds back in place – which is in no place!
  2. “I want a better job.” While many workplaces are now becoming more accepting of tattoos, there are still tattoos out there that aren’t exactly promotion material. Crude words, lewd imagery, and racial slur tattoos won’t put you on the path towards management, but making the decision to remove those tattoos or fade them enough for an appropriate cover up will!
  3. “I want to get over my ex.” Name of an Ex tattoos are one of the most common tattoos removed. Bear in mind though that sometimes these tattoos bring up related emotions about the person you thought you’d never feel again. Looking back on your ex-relationship throughout the tattoo removal process brings closure to a relationship lost and builds inner strength to move on.
  4. “I’m going to start eating better.” Like we said earlier, the healthier you are, the faster your ink will clear. When you begin your tattoo removal journey, it will be an easier transition into healthy eating habits when you combine both processes. Take it a step further and do six week check-ins with Dr. Mundt or Dr. Chung about your eating habits and your tattoo. Both our doctors are naturopathic physicians and have vast experience in providing healthy diets and eating tips.
  5. “I want to be more confident.” The tattoo you bare might not represent the best version of yourself and may cause you to feel anxieties from the past. Removing a tattoo that may be a dark reminder helps you move into the light and may boost your feeling of self-worth. When it comes to tattoos representing a sensitive subject, we are a sympathetic ear and here to help.
  6. “I want people to see me as I really am.” We absolutely love some of the art that walks through our doors. There are some incredible pieces our patients have, and most have multiple great works of art. But, we do understand that mistakes do happen to all of us.  We often hear how people close to you (or maybe at work) make assumptions or have the wrong idea about you because of a tattoo. If you’re ready to let your natural self shine, sans that tattoos, Delete can help you, help others see who you really are!
  7. I want to stop smoking.” Smoking during tattoo removal isn’t prohibited, but it does help quitting while in the midst of tattoo removal progress. We have heard from patients that quit smoking during their tattoo removal treatments, it has been easier for them to kick the habit and live a healthier life. If you’re looking for a good reason to quit smoking, removing your tattoo is one!
  8. “I’m going to find love.” The best love comes from less searching, and more love towards yourself. Becoming healthier, happier, and confident are ways love can find you, and in the case of tattoo removal, we’re slashing through three out of four resolutions on this one.
  9. “I want to reinvent myself.” Removing an old tattoo or making way for a newer, updated version is a great way to begin reinventing yourself. Many of us at Delete have tattoos and have been working on removing/fading a few of them so we can achieve exactly this. Reinventing yourself can even go a step further by improving your health simultaneously with vitamins and customized nutrient infusions at the time of your appointment.
  10. “I want to face my fears.” Maybe letting yourself be free of an ex, or opening yourself up to new possibilities is scary for you. Maybe you have heard tattoo removal horror stories.  Maybe you won’t remove your tattoo because it’s a reason to hold yourself back. It’s time to let 2017 be your own personal game-changer. Look fear dead in the face this year and remove your tattoo(s) in spite of it! With physicians delivering your tattoo removal treatment, there is no drama…gone are the days of pain filled, screaming, crying or even fainting tattoo removal treatments.

Challenge yourself to achieve everything you can in the New Year. We’re here to help you every step of the way and help you propel yourself into a better 2017. Leave 2016 in the dust and schedule your consultation and first tattoo removal session today!



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