10 Ways To Tell Your Lov-ah It’s Time For Tattoo Removal

Say Goodbye to Tweetie

Once upon a time, tattoo removal was but a dream: the only way to get one off was, � la Maximus Decimus Meridius from Gladiator, to cut it out with a razor and a sardonic grin on your face. Luckily, options have improved.

Now laser tattoo removal with a qualified physician ensures that both pigment and scarring that may have resulted from the process are completely erased, according to Livestrong.com.

If you or a loved one has had poor luck with tattoo removal before, there could be reasons for this ? like the wrong type of laser, low energy settings, large spot size or short pulse widths. Although it sounds nerdy, the right process really is required for proper tattoo removal.

Yes, you say, but what if I just can’t convince him/her?Tweetie Bird. Tattoo regret. Call Delete 855-2DELETE.

Well, that can be tricky. If your BF or GF, fianc� or fianc�e, wife or hubby still retains the vestiges of spoiled youth ? in other words, a tattoo that’s too embarrassing ? it may be time for the dreaded tattoo removal intervention. Here are ten arguments to consider*: 

?I just can’t imagine Aunt Mabel having to see that at the wedding.? 

?You’re channeling an Australian porn star with an Aboriginal twist.

?Your bicep’s just never gonna look strong with a unicorn on it.?

“I don’t know if it makes you butt look big.” 

?If you loved me, you wouldn’t have me look at her name for the rest of my life’?  

?I heard you can comfortably have them removed!?

?Okay then, how about you tattoo the rest of Arnold Schwarzenegger on your chest and really go balls out’?

?I like it; it just screams ‘fifth of J�ger? is all.?

?Tweetie Bird is just so nineties ? don’t you agree’?

?Really can’t move my hand honey, it kills the mood. I’m covering up your ex’s name’?

*All pronouncements should be delivered with a calm, straight-faced demeanor with just the slightest hint of irony.

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