15 Ways To Love Yourself This Summer

Swimsuit season is here and many of us are spending time researching and trying ways to feel confident about our body. The matter of fact is though, you probably didn’t hit your body image goals. There’s nothing wrong with that. At Delete – Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon, we believe that you are beautiful and capable of obtaining a positive body image.

Having the perfect body isn’t about hitting a certain number on the scale or achieving a specific body-mass-index. It comes from a feeling of contentment with and acceptance of who you are as a person inside and out.

Here are 15 ways you can learn to love your body!

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. It seems impossible, we know, but noBODY is the same, and if we were, life would be boring. Celebrate your uniqueness.

2. Stop calling yourself fat. Why? Your BMI has no bearing on who you are and how you treat others.

3. Give yourself a healthy boost. When you’re feeling physically drained, it takes a mental toll. A nutrient infusion every month will make you feel renewed.

4. Delete the past. Remove physical reminders that no longer represents you and make you feel “stuck in a past.” are.

5. Take your vitamins! You want to be the healthiest you right? Of course! Taking a supplement that fits your health goals is the simplest way to do it.

6. Smile and laugh more. We’re all a little self-conscious about our smile. Maybe it’s those age lines or the way our lips move over our teeth, that hold you back. But, here’s the thing. More smiling means more happiness. “So come on and get happy!” Take advantage of Delete’s summer Botox and Juvederm sale to lighten and lift.

7. Look on up. Peel your eyes away from technology and experience the world around you. Admire the imperfectness of your surroundings.

8. Eat more organic food. You can easily boost your mood with several kinds of foods. If you’re wanting a quick fix, pick up asparagus, salmon, and quinoa.

9. Stop neglecting your skin. Keeping up with a skin care regimen may seem tedious, but, you’ll love the results and avoid expensive fixes later.

10. List your favorite assets. Admire your favorite parts and enhance them!

11. Set realistic goals. Telling yourself you’re going to lose a hundred pounds this year is unrealistic. Set your sights on being healthy and managing stress.

12. Stop shaming. If you’re feeling down about your body, it’s common for us to subconsciously shame other people. As you celebrate your strengths, find the positive qualities in others and share them.

13. Believe in yourself. Placing limitations on yourself, only holds you back! Try new things and embrace what’s ahead of you.

14. Create a list. Identify things your body can do and go do them.

15. Thank yourself. Wake up every morning and thank your body for getting you through the day and doing the impossible.

You can remove your past, rejuvenate your soul, and revitalize your mind with all of these suggestions. The goal is to do what makes you feel good about your body, inside and out, in the healthiest way possible. So even if you didn’t meet your goals for summer, you can still enjoy the heat, the pool, and yourself.



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