2016 Trends That 2017 Should Never See

2016 is now in the dust. We believe there are some beauty trends that should stay in 2016 too. Say goodbye to our least favorite 2016 trends and how you and your friends can heal from beauty mistakes with a little help from Delete — Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon.


The newest trend to start showing up at Delete; Microblading! Microblading is a form of tattooing. Unlike a regular tattoo, pigment is placed under your skin with a handheld tool and is fashioned after the look of real eyebrow hair. We’ve seen far too many tragic microbladed patients this year, but thankfully each of them we’ve been able to help. Since microblading is a form or eyebrow tattooing, we treat these patients just like a tattoo removal patient and achieve great results.

Lip Masks

Why is there now a whole routine dedicated to your lips? If getting ready didn’t take long enough already, now I have to do a lip mask, scrub, moisturizer, primer, liner, and THEN the lipstick goes on? No way!

We have a few solutions that will replace lip masks: Hydrate yourself, stop in for a monthly or even weekly B12 Boost, and take your vitamins regularly. Healthy body equals a healthy life! If you really want to try out lip masks here’s an all-natural formula you can do from home…free.

Lip & Eyebrow Liner

Now this is a trend that will die a hard death. We’ve seen far too many beautiful women come in with lip and eyebrow liner permanently tattooed onto their skin. Removing these tattoos is much more difficult than one would think and if not done by an experienced doctor, there can be disastrous results. Let’s step away from the cosmetic tattoo gun in 2017 and use regular makeup, okay ladies?


Manscaping is the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect. We’re all for men taking care of their bodies, but there is such a thing as an over “landscaped” body. Over-manscaping your body entails removing so much hair you look like a barbie doll. Take a step back from the razor and focus in on removing irritants like removing beard bumps, thinning out arm, leg, or backside hair. Keep your body hair under control with GentleMax Pro laser hair removal solutions that cater to your style in a natural way, because let’s be real – you’re not shrub art at Disneyland!

Timely and Costly No-Makeup Makeup Routines

Giving yourself an all-natural no-makeup look in 2016 was by far one of the biggest trends. The problem was though, many beauty trendsetters were still using makeup. They’ve been giving out tips all year on how to achieve this look with special concealers from Mac, Sephora, and Urban Decay. Nude tone bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, and body glitter makeup lined the bathroom mirrors in 2016. We say trash your costly pore-clogging makeup and trade up with truly-rejuvenating solutions; Resolve Fractional laser and CIT Microneedle facial treatments at Delete renew damaged skin, revitalize and reduce pore size, and delete acne scars.

Additionally, the SHiNe Nutrient Infusion helps the growth of hair, nails, and gives your skin a glow no bronzer or glitter can achieve. You can achieve the truly no-makeup look with Delete and look as perfect as Alicia Keys.

Over Plumped Lips

Giving yourself fuller lips shouldn’t force you into the Kylie Jenner challenge, nor should they push you to user fillers you probably shouldn’t be using. At Delete, our physicians deliver for natural Botox and Juvederm results that enhance your look but do not push your lips (or any other body part for that matter) beyond its natural bounds. Injectible fillers and Botox are instant beauty boosters our physicians deliver for natural results.

Whether you want to achieve a more natural look or remove unwanted tattoos and hair, Delete — Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon will be there to help you Hit Delete. Message us on Facebook or send you info in via the consultation form. We’re always available and happy to help you move onto your best self. Happy New Year!



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