3 ways to avoid tattoo regret (and later tattoo removal)

Specializing in tattoo removal we’ve heard a lot of reasons (and excuses) for removing tattoos. Regret can stem from a tattoo the reminds you of an ex, represents a previous life, or is holding you back in your career.

Tattoo regret can also come from a tattoo that you – in theory – could’ve loved but didn’t turn out as you envisioned.

We came across this article recently and thought it raised some great points about tattoo regret and why some people seek out tattoo removal.

When it comes to shopping for a tattoo, we’ve given some tips before on avoiding tattoo regret but we thought we could add a few more to the list:tattoo regret

  1. Be able to say no: If your tattoo artist isn’t cooperating with your requests, walk away. This ink will be an addition to your body, don’t compromise what you want it to look like to please your tattoo artist.
  2. Don’t bargain shop: When it comes to paying for your tattoo, if you shop for the cheapest tattoo parlor be prepared to get the cheapest talent. The price you pay reflects the talent of the artist who will be administering your tattoo and the integrity of the shop.
  3. Think, then think some more: A little less ink, a little more think. Before sitting down next to that tattoo needle, make sure you think about how that ink will make you feel in two weeks, two months, two years, or two decades from now! Will whatever you choose to get your tattoo of have the same meaning to you in the future? If you can’t answer that, then you’re not ready for ink.

What other tips do you have for those considering getting new ink? Let us know in the comments.

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