4 Life Stages That You’ll Make Monumental Decisions

“Just when I think I have learned the way to live, life changes.” Hugh Prather

How often have you made a life-changing decision, firmly sure you’ll firmly stand behind it 50 years from now? Now, how often have you looked back on a big decision, sometimes only a few short years later, and wonder what in the world you were thinking?

The choices we make are often reflective of whatever life stage we we’re in when making that decision. In times when we enter a new chapter of our life  our beliefs, values and perspectives are challenged. We’re introduced to new people, places and experiences. And enviably, our new experiences can lead to feeling like a different person in a short amount of time.

The following four life stages are typically a time of rapid change – and ones to be mindful of when making life-altering and permanent decisions, such as getting a tattoo or removing ink.

Newly Minted Adult

Turning 18 years old can be more than a breath of fresh air; for so many, it’s a tidal wave of freedom. With this newfound freedom can come a hunger to make decisions that are 100% yours. Eighteen years old one of the most popular times for adults to get inked. In fact, 36% of individuals ages 18-25 have a tattoo, according to statisticbrain.com, proving its popularity in this life stage.

This is a time of expression as you’re discovering your adult self – a time of monumental change. And unfortunately, a time that many look back on with regret when it comes to the tattoo they received at this age.

New to the Job Market

This life stage is the first true collision between post adolescence and adulthood, and we see individuals make two types of choices when it comes to body art. The first is an extension of the New Minted Adults stage; these individuals want to express themselves with a tattoo but waited a few years to get inked. The second is an adoption of adulthood; these individuals express themselves with an eye to their career opportunities.  New tattoos are typically hidden.

Others in the New to the Job Market stage are already having second choices about the tattoo they loved at 18. They see entering the job market as an opportunity to hit “DELETE” as they embark on their careers.

Saying “I Do”

Arguably one of the biggest decisions a person makes is the time in their life when they decide to tie the knot. A decision that is made with much consideration, individuals tend to use the time leading up to vows to do an inventory of their life. For those with body art featuring an ex-lover’s name or memento, this is the life stage where that person often makes the decision to give their skin – and upcoming marriage – a clean slate.

Hello Parenthood

No other life stage encourages you look to the future through a new lens quite like parenthood preparation. A natural time of renewal, individuals in this stage think about the types of parents they want to be and the example they hope to set for their child. At Delete Tattoo & Laser in Phoenix, many patients entering into the parenthood phase of their lives are ready to say goodbye to their tattoo regrets as they say hello to their new family additions.

No matter what life stage you find yourself in, know that when it comes to your tattoos, you can always press delete to accommodate your new self. To read more about other individuals who have removed bad tattoos or removed ugly tattoos, visit the WhyiDelete page for more.



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