Our 5 Favorite Ways to Cover Up a Tattoo Until it’s Removed

Why cover a tattoo?  You could be going in for a job interview and would rather draw attention to your skills than to your ink. You may be walking down the aisle in your dream wedding dress and would rather not have your ‘YOLO’ tattoo peeping out. Or maybe that Dancing Grateful Dead Bear tattoo you picked up when you were 17 isn’t something you enjoy flaunting in your new, more mature and purposeful adult lifestyle.

5 Ways to Hide a Tattoo Without Permanent Removal

Whatever the reason for covering up your tattoo, you have options for doing this safely and effectively.  Ultimately, the only way to safely and permanently remove a tattoo is with physician delivered laser tattoo removal.

#1 Use Makeup

When it is important, professionally applied airbrush concealer is hands down the most effective way to hide your tattoo.  It is also the most expensive. For every day, buy a couple shades of concealer that are lighter and darker than your skin tone and learn to apply them over your tattoo. This will take some practice, as hiding with cosmetics is difficult even for skilled makeup professionals.  Practice makes perfect and soon covering up will be just another part of your repertoire before leaving the house. We highly recommend Dermablend’s three-step combination of tattoo primer, body makeup and setting powder. It’s available at Sephora.  Check out this Dermablend tattoo cover-up!

Other products available online that we recommend are the lightweight Colortration or the heavier waterproof cover-up TattooCamo.

#2 Use Jewelry

Larger, bigger jewelry can always be justified.  Who needs an excuse?  Chunky bracelets and rings are used to cover up tattoos every day.  So when the ink of romance past is left on your finger, an easy cover-up is a little bling.  Diamonds anyone?

#3 Use Clothes

This is an obvious way to cover up your tattoo but is perhaps the most natural, cost-effective and time-efficient means of hiding what you don’t want people to see.  The most important thing is consistency. So if you’re worried about people at work seeing your tats, always wear long sleeves or pants and avoid the company pool parties. Many of our tattoo removal patients haven’t worn shorts or skirts to work until they’ve had laser tattoo removal treatments to lighten and remove their unwanted ink.

#4 Tattoo Through It

This tough and counterintuitive choice is only meant for people who don’t like their tattoos.  Do your homework and ask a talented artist if he can transform your awful Japanese letter or state flag into something elegant and artistic.  We’ve seen horrific cover-ups that are bigger and uglier than the original tat. Professional tattoo artists do not like older, thick heavy tattoos that show through their work.  So you may need to have laser tattoo removal treatments to lighten before you upgrade that tat.  A word of caution, be careful, whom you hire to lighten your tattoo ink.  If a scar is created because your laser tattoo removal treatment was performed on the wrong setting or with the wrong laser, you will have a new problem. Tattooing won’t work for everyone, but for some, it may be an incredible solution.

#5 Use a Bandage

This is a more desperate and cheaper option, but you can always cover a tattoo with a bandage. People may ask what happened and you can come up with a great story to tell them- It might even be the perfect conversation starter.

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