56 Stars Later: Tattoos that will haunt you!

It’s obvious that not much thought went into this one! Tattoos on your face can keep you from jobs, friends, and even family. Vlaeminck originally lied about the tattoos, claiming that the artist ? Rouslan Toumaniantz ? continued tatting her up while she ‘fell asleep.?

But a week later she came clean and said that she was afraid of how her father would react. Vlaeminck even admitted to fearing public outings because she felt like a ‘freak.?

But these stars will cost Vlaeminck more than just her looks ? at the age of 21, the marks have shown little signs of fading after she decided to have laser surgery to remove them. The procedure itself will cost Vlaeminck roughly �9,000. That’s the equivalent of $14,427! Hopefully Vlaeminck’s story will be a lesson to any wild child out there!



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