6 Nutrient Infusions That Will Give You More Energy

We talk about health all the time – constantly discussing the importance of keeping yourself healthy and in the best shape possible. Let’s have a quick chat about our nutrient infusions. By combining the power of our nutrient infusions and a regular health regimen you can take the next step toward optimal health. Take a look at our six custom infusions and how each can benefit you.

The Energizer

When a cup of coffee just won’t do, opt for The Energize to give yourself a natural energy jolt. This infusion is loaded with Vitamin B that will leave you feeling clear and avoiding an energy crash. B complex vitamins can help with a variety of health conditions, including acne, anxiety, depression, fatigue, heart disease, and PMS. It can also stimulate your brain and immune system with a rush of vitamin B.

The Skinny

A suite of vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6 and B-12 work together in The Skinny to fight fat and complement your weight loss goals. B3 helps regulate the nervous and digestive systems and helps convert food into energy. B5 breaks down fats and carbohydrates for energy and is responsible for the production of hormones. We highly suggest this nutrient infusion for new moms and those looking to bounce back.

The Immune Booster

Remember back in school how the school nurse would always push Emergen-C on you? Well she was on the right track! As an adult stress, and illness weighs on your body over time. With the immune boost give your body a one-two punch with The Immune Booster filled with germ-battling vitamin C and energy-boosting Vitamin B. This nutrient infusion is perfect for the mom with young kids, the CEO working 60+ hour weeks, and the family that just wants to stay healthy together.

The Hangover Helper

Whether it was guys’ or girls’ night, hangovers suck, especially since you’ve been pouring toxins into your body all night. Rid your body of alcohol’s toxins with The Hangover Helper to replenish and rehydrate with a generous infusion of magnesium, calcium, selenium and zinc. This helps your body replenish and rehydrate on a higher level than typical hungover activities such as sleeping, eating greasy foods, and drinking gallons of water.

The SHiNe (Skin, Hair, + Nails)

You don’t need a beach vacation or gimmicks to achieve a healthy glow if you use The SHiNe. This nutrient infusion will promote hair growth, glowing skin, and help you nails look like they’ve had a fresh manicure. With a boost of trace minerals, magnesium and calcium the benefits of this nutrient infusion are endless.

The Elite Athlete

Supercharge your athletic performance and workouts with this go-to infusion that packs tons of Vitamin B for optimal physical and mental focus. You’ll notice a sharper work out and the desire to perform at a higher level. Boost your “can-do” attitude into high gear.

Nutrient Infusions start at $125. If you’re looking to take advantage of savings and keep your body feeling like it’s walking on sunshine, check out the Delete Elite membership program and save $75 on single nutrient infusions.



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