A Collection of Facial Tattoos – Genius or Reject?

The website The Smoking Gun, known for posting legal documents, arrest records, and mug shots, has begun an entertaining collection of mug shots that features offenders with facial tattoos.

Managing editor of The Smoking Gun, Andrew Goldberg, says that the collection highlights offenders� facial tats simply because they�re funny. �It�s simple, says what it needs to say and guarantees you probably limited employment if you ever get out of jail.�

At least the message is nice?

With �God� written on her forehead, the most recent societal offender � Jamie Calloway � joins the ranks of mug shots with a message. �I want a message, I want somebody to be saying something,� Goldberg says.

An Oregon man was literally begging for a licking when he went to jail to serve 60 days on assault charges. He had �lick me� on his forehead. Going through The Smoking Gun�s collection makes us realize how crazy some people truly are!

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