A crucifix stands between Miss Ireland and the world

Remember that little tattoo you got years ago and thought would be ‘no big deal? in the future? An article by Irish Central reveals that the newly crowned Miss Ireland, Rebecca Maguire, may have to kiss her hopes of becoming Miss World goodbye because of a small crucifix tattoo on her ankle.

While many in Ireland may be temped to scream, ‘Give her a break!? the reality is that the Miss World competition expects its contestants to look clean, and having any ink is strictly against the rules, according to the Daily Mail.

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– Miss Ireland’s small tattoo may hurt her chances at Miss World – I mean, you DO have to be perfect to win pageants.

The Miss World competition is set to be held in August, which only gives Rebecca a matter of months to remove her tattoo. (Brings to mind our new 4-n-1 treatment, doesn’t it?) With such a tight time frame, she has to be feeling the stress. Rebecca has yet to speak to the public about her situation and the Miss World competition has not commented.

We hope that a probably meaningless tattoo doesn’t keep this beauty from competing for such a prestigious crown! If Rebecca had wanted to show the world that religion was so important to her, she could have just worn the crucifix around her neck! Another lesson in tattoo regret, kids.



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