A misspelling can cost you $9,000

You�d think that people who tattoo permanent ink onto other peoples� bodies would know how to spell. After reading countless horror stories, it seems the opposite is true.

According to this article by UPI, a Canadian tat artist cost her employer $9,000 in legal fees to pay for a bad ink job. Marie Huckle went to a tattoo parlor in 2010 and asked for Gothic font reading, �See You at the Crossroads,� in memory of a recently deceased friend. The tattoo ended up �See You at the Cossroads.�

The parlor originally offered a free cover-up tat but Marie declined. Their next offer was to pay for eight tattoo sessions, but Marie said those eight ses

C'mon, that's elementary!

sions wouldn�t come close to removing the botched phrase. �It�s 100 times more painful than getting the tattoo itself,� she said. (Not true at Delete)

Marie was so unsatisfied that she ended up taking legal action against the parlor and was awarded the $9,000 in damages.

The takeaway: Check, check and double check the spelling of your tattoos! Have the artist write it out, have them practice, before they put needle to skin make sure you�ll walk away with properly spelled ink!



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