Anti-tattoo column offends readers: Freedom of speech or crossing the line?

Ah, America, the land of free speech. You can call that annoying, one-upper the b-word in your next Facebook status if you want (indirectly, of course). You can write a memoir that gives all the dirty details of your affair with that famous movie star. Or you can start a blog detailing your (possibly misinformed) opinions on political candidates. Unfortunately though, people today seem to take freedom of speech personally, and it often does more harm than good.

A column by Paul Carpenter that recently ran in The Morning Call has caused some uproar among a particular group of readers: those with tattoos. The column focused on Dorney Park, a waterslide amusement park that refuses to hire anyone with tattoos on the hands, head, face or neck.

This seems like a reasonable enough policy, since ink on those areas of the body are particularly distracting. But apparently the column has provoked a response from tattooed readers objecting to the publication of it and demanding an apology.

The column refers to those with tattoos as ‘creatures? and groups them in the same category as ‘pimps, pugs, prison inmates, prostitutes and the members of criminal biker gangs.?

men neck tattoos

– Would you hire this guy? Dorney Park certainly wouldn’t.

We’re all for a snarky comment here and there, but this seems harsh even to us! Carpenter also used the term ‘ink freaks? to describe those sporting body art. Although there are many people who regret their tats and come to places like Delete to get them removed, we hardly think any human being deserves to be called a freak!

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