Aspiring surgeon becomes human billboard for a good cause

Chris Watson

– Tats for a cause

An aspiring veterinary surgeon in the UK has become a human billboard in the hopes that

businesses will donate money to put their logos on his body. Chris Watson, 28, hopes to sell his skin as advertising space to raise money for charity.

A club and a bar in the UK have already taken up his offer, donating to Cancer Research and Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Sound crazy? Mr. Watson feels comfortable in his own skin and says that tats don’t bother him.

?It started off as a bet when I was having a laugh with a few mates,’ he says. ‘People may find it strange or think I’m an oddball but I have got no regrets at all.?

Watson already has more than 50 tattoos inked on his body! He says he gets at least one new one added every month. We appreciate the fact that Watson is doing this all for a great cause, but really, couldn’t he have thought of any other way?! Do you think he’ll suffer from tattoo regret in a few years?



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