Avoid tattoo removal: don’t get a tattoo you’ll regret!

We’ve shared a lot of stories about regrettable tattoos and how unfortunate ink has driven people to remove their tattoo(ed) mistakes.

But what if you still believe in inking?

If you happen to fall in that category of individuals, we came across this article highlighting 11 steps to getting ink you won’t regret.

[Side note: One thing we don’t recommend? Getting a tattoo to inspire or write a story like the author did! But we digress…]

We’ll say this: if you’re considering inking up, take heed and consider her advice here. Tattoo regret tips adviceSome key points: – Research the artist/shop before you commit to their work. You’ll be wearing it for a while (at least until you decide you’re ‘over it?)! – Spend time thinking about (and re-thinking!) the design (and the fact that it is a permanent addition to your body). – Don’t make tattoo decisions with your crew. This is a you decision. Make the choice for yourself, don’t let others choose your ink.
Our additions? – Don’t get ink that could prevent you from getting a job in the future. – Ask yourself – is this tattoo something that you *know* you’ll be proud of sporting at age 90? Or will you be running to the tattoo removal salon? – How about when you’re toting the grandkids to karate?
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