Baby Fat: Tattoo Removal can Help!

Matching sparrows on your hips? Beautiful!

Artful script across your hip line? Lovely!

But two blue blobs helter skelter on your abdomen? Not so much.

Indiscernible swirls across your belly?

Why? And believe us when we say? we’ve seen it. Tattoos just like this exist ? 07little393rdtattoostretchmarksand they’re not all artfully crafted to start out.

The miracle of life is something to be celebrated and revered, but when your body adjusts to fit the life of another person, that cute little tattoo you (or your significant other) had on your stomach might not look so cute anymore.

As you age, your body and skin changes and tattoos often end up stretched and distorted with little definition. So then what?

Has your tattoo changed post pregnancy or just with age? Had you (or have you) considered the placement of your tattoo and how it might shift as you age?

We’ve heard the horror stories and seen the ink with our own eyes. That Tweetie Bird turned Big Bird tattoo isn’t attractive in any light, but we get it! Sometimes bad tattoos happen to good people.

What’s the best (or worst) distorted tattoo you’ve seen? Share your stories here or find us on Twitter @DeleteitnowPHX or on Facebook.




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