Before and After: Successful Tattoo Removal

We love being able to help people remove their unwanted tattoos, and what better way to show off what we do than to share some of our favorite before and afters!

delete photo before and after pitchfork After eight tattoo removal treatments on African American skin.  
These results were achieved after  thirteen tattoo removal treatments on the neck.  delete photo before and after anchor
This after is following nine treatments on the patient’s upper back, to them this was silly college tattoo fromwhen they all loved Fight Club
These tattoo removal results were acheived from eight treatments on the patient’s thigh. She had the tattoo removed becasue she felt it was just too big and she wants her leg back so she can wear shorts. delete photo before and after mermaid
When her parents demanded that she get it removed, this patient came to us to have her tattoo removed. Her tattoo removal was the result of eight treatments on the upper back.

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