Best Makeup to Hide Your Ink In Between Laser Appointments

Best Makeup to Hide Your Ink

Laser tattoo removal is the best way to permanently erase a tattoo. Depending on the ink used and the size of the tattoo, among other factors, removing it can take more than one treatment. So, what do you do between sessions? Simply use makeup to hide what remains!

Here’s a quick look at the best makeups to hide your remaining ink between your tattoo removal appointments.

Ben Nye Tattoo Cover

This makeup was actually created for theater professionals to cover the tattoos and dark blemishes of actors on the stage. The good news about this option is that you don’t have to buy an entire tube to find out if it’s right for you. Numerous internet sites sell samples that give you a chance to see if it’s the right choice, before you commit to a full purchase. Prices start at $9.50.

Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer

This makeup may be more expensive than many other options, but it can still be found fairly affordably if you poke around on Amazon and other online retailers. Many people have found great results with this product. Available online with prices starting at $19.95.

Dermablend Professional

Dermablend has two options: Quick-Fix Body ($29) and Leg and Body Cover ($31). Both claim to flawlessly cover up any color tattoo. These are highly pigmented formulas that go on easily and leave a very natural, even finish. This is one of the industry standards that many people swear by.

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer

This makeup is likely the most popular in the entire industry. It’s available at a wide number of major retailers and can even be sampled at local Sephora stores to ensure the proper shade. It is a pricier option ($25), but many people believe it is well worth the cost.

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

As the name implies, this is one amazing concealer. While it’s not made specifically to cover up tattoos, it is a heavy-duty concealer option that can successfully cover up most any tattoo. It is available online with prices starting at $42.

Make Up For Ever

The main benefit of this makeup is that it’s available in dozens and dozens of shades. It’s also another option that can be found at Sephora, so it can be tested out before the purchase is made. If none of the dozens of shades works perfectly, the staff at Sephora can also blend a few shades to achieve the perfect match for you. Prices start at $27.

CoverMark Tattoo Cover Kit

This kit can generally be found for less than $40 and comes with a ton of features including primer, finishing powder, hydrating lotion, two shades of foundation to blend for the perfect match, a powder brush, and an applicator sponge. It may take a little time to find the perfect blend of makeup but the customized results are worth it.

Delete Tattoo

There are plenty of makeup options on the market to use between appointments for laser tattoo removal service in Phoenix at Delete Tattoo. The right one for each individual will depend on their budget, their skin tone, and how adept they are at blending their own makeup. Please consult with the friendly professionals at Delete Tattoo if you have questions. We are always happy to help!




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