Best of the Worst American Pride Tattoos

At Delete, we’re all about showing off your American pride. We live in a great country where we’re free to express our frustrations, angst, and pride for our government and country. There are cute ways to do this, like buying an Old Navy Independence Day t-shirt, hosting a BBQ, or painting your face on the 4th of July. There are some people that take this freedom of expression just a little too far. We’ve compiled a list of the best of the worst American Pride tattoos’Enjoy!

Eric Hartsberg of Michigan City had this Romney-Ryan logo tattooed on his face back in 2012. He auctioned his face on eBay for ad space. The winning bid paid a pretty penny to have the tattoo on his face. Since Romney’s loss in 2012, Hartsberg has had the tattoo removed. Eric said the tattoo, ‘Stands not only for a losing campaign, but for a sore loser.?eirk hartsberg

If you looked up ‘Tattoo Failure? in the urban dictionary, we are sure you would find this guy’s tattoo. The tattoo reads, ‘Made in the USA? and is stamped on his buttocks. Patriotism? Or just a really bad idea?  Wouldn’t you say he went a little too far? Let’s hope this one goes back to the factory!made in the usa

Texas is great. There’s amazing landscape, no state income tax, and of course this tattoo. Seriously though, we hope there’s a delete button in the near future for this guy to hit!describe the image


If you haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty, we suggest you check it out! It’s pretty magnificent and represents the hope of our immigrant ancestors.  There are a lot of tattoos of Lady Liberty that are truly artistic.  Unfortunately, this lady had a few to many and needs to be liberated.   At first glance you’re probably thinking, it’s not so bad.describe the image

But, take a closer look and you’ll notice the misshaped hands, saucers flying in the background, and the disproportioned shading. Look at it long enough and it’ll make your head hurt.  All in favor? Say, ‘hit delete!?

The liberty bell is an iconic piece of US history, and this tattoo just destroys any hint of historical significance.  Loud and proud this bell rings for something other than freedom.   We think someone got a little carried away with Philly Beer Week!liberty bell

Last, there are the American flag tattoos. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are either a big hit or a horrific miss. This flag tattoo is definitely a miss. But let’s face it, we’re all proud of our country, and there’s nothing like showing off our pride on the 4th of July even if it’s on this list.usa face

These tattoos redefine what it means to be a proud American. Just make sure you find yourself on the right side of history this holiday! Delete’Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon wishes you a happy and safe Fourth of July!



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