Benefits of Tattoo Lightening Before a Tattoo Cover-Up

Benefits of Tattoo Lightening Before a Tattoo Cover-Up

You may love your ink, but you may want to cover up one or more tattoos with new art. Not everyone’s reason for wanting a cover-up is the same, but what is similar is a desire for quality artwork. A first step in the cover-up process is tattoo lightening. This approach to laser treatments usually takes just a few sessions to achieve the level of fade needed before your artist begins your new tattoo. If you are unsure about the necessity of this extra step, consider these reasons why you should fade your tattoo before starting a cover-up.

Reasons to Have Tattoo Fading Prior to Covering

Fix A Bad Tattoo

Tattoos don’t have to be forever. You may have grown tired of a current design you have, or perhaps the tattoo artist didn’t share your vision and you want to start over. Older tattoos may also fade over time or sun exposure, making them appear blurred or faded. Some other motives people may have to cover up a bad tattoo include misspelled words, broken relationships, or a change in taste.

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Save Money

Tattoo lightening is an affordable way to prepare your current tattoo for a cover-up and can take less time than full tattoo removal. By reducing the amount and intensity of ink in your old design, you can have a smoother canvas for the new artwork to cover. The result can be a perfect camouflage of the old tattoo and brighter colors with crisper lines for the new one. You should have your tattoo artist monitor your lightening treatments to determine when you are ready for a new design. The number of treatment sessions may depend on the amount of ink, the size of your current design, and the colors you want to fade.

Safer and Easier Tattoo Cover-Ups

Tattoo lightening is not a do-it-yourself project. If you attempt to fade yours at home, you could risk damaging your skin. This would make it more difficult for your artist to create a cover-up design that meets your needs.

The good news is that covering up your tattoos using cutting-edge laser tattoo removal technology can solve all of these problems.

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