Buyer Beware: Tips for Buying Daily Tattoo Removal Deals

50% off! 60% off! 85% off!

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Our inboxes are constantly flooded with new daily deals offering goods and services at unbelievable discounts, but how do you know if these deals are really the steal they appear to be? Better yet, are they safe?

Fear not Deleters, we’re here to help! Have a look for some of our top hints to assist you in your next hot daily deal purchase ? including what to look for when shopping for tattoo removal!

Tattoo removal deal tips:

  • Determine what laser will be used: Consider that the laser used for your treatment may not be up to par or even the right one to get all of your ink colors out. You’ll benefit from doing some research to learn exactly what treatment procedures ? and even which laser the salon or company uses, in addition to how the laser works.
  • Find out who will be performing the treatment: The person operating the laser may not be a doctor or accredited physician, which could mean they have less experience and knowledge. Sure, in-salon techs may be certified to use a laser, but wouldn’t you prefer a doctor or physician give you your treatment if at all possible? Call the company (or read the details of the deal) to find out who will be operating the laser and performing your treatment.
  • Consider your pain threshold: Many tattoo removal providers do not provide any numbing, meaning you’re fully exposed to the shock of the laser in addition to post-treatment pain. Think about your tolerance, then make an educated decision based on your needs, not just the testimonial of others.
  • Research the treatment timeline: Some daily deals mandate usage within a limited amount of time. If the tattoo removal service provider performs subsequent treatments too soon after the previous treatment, poor timing calculations can lead to problems with serious burns and scarring.

General deal tips:

  • Read the fine print: Almost all deals come with rules on how and when you can redeem them. Make sure those guidelines align with how you would plan to use the deal.
  • Research the company: If you are purchasing any item or service for an advertised ‘X% off,’ make sure you’re really getting the deal they claim it to be. Look into the company that is offering the bargain and make sure you’ll really be saving the money you expect to save.

There are some great bargains out there, just make sure you’re buying wisely!

As always, if you have any questions about tattoo removal, please reach out to us!

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