Chris Brown’s Christmas Tattoo Removal for Rihanna

    Is tattoo removal today’s hottest trend? It sure seems to be in 2012.  According to recent news, Chris Brown has surprised Rihanna for this years’ holiday by having a laser tattoo removal treatment on an ex-girlfriend’s face tattoo. After being in and out of the media the past few years, this couple is now taking advantage of laser removal technology to move their relationship forward! Best of luck to them- that this grand gesture works out for the happy couple; but, who really knows with those two? Either way, it is nice to see another celebrity freely admit tattoo regret.  Some people become a little defensive about their tattoos.  And, we don’t know why!  Everyone makes mistakes and Chris made a classic one.  It seems he is man enough to admit it.   We can only hope that he chose a painless tattoo removal process that wont leave a scar!




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