Fake love, permanent ink?

    Kim Kardashian Kanye West 008Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been flaunting their relationship in the public eye lately, and now they want to profess their love by getting inked up. It seems that one of the biggest regrets people have about tats is when they ink their (ex)-lover’s name on their body. We wonder what would compel Kim and Kanye to want a tattoo (besides the obvious publicity) given that Kim’s track record in relationships isn’t one to admire.

    According to this article from Hollywood Life, Kanye wants Kim to get the letter ‘K? because it symbolizes both of their names. But the ‘source? says she is so smitten with the rapper that she wants to get ‘KW? instead.

    But Kim has never gotten one of these permanent memories inked on her body before ? does this mean that Kanye is the one?! Hopefully when we tune into another season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians we won’t see poor Kim bawling her eyes out over another man!

    To us, tattooing your lover’s name on you is like the kiss of death. If you like to have a constant painful reminder of the past, then go for it, Kim! What do you think? Is the tat a good idea? Will Kim and Kanye last?



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