Military Members Can Heal Their Scars This Memorial Day

    Understandably, scars left behind by wounds received in battle carry reminders of missions carried out over seas. As the citizens our military protects, we believe that it is our duty to do what we can to help soldiers and veterans remove and revitalize not just their physical bodies, but their souls as well.

    In honor of National Military Appreciation Month this May, Delete –Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon offers 25% off scar remodeling and tattoo removal treatments to all active duty, reservist, and veteran military personnel.

    When it comes to getting a tattoo, we know it’s a personal choice, as it is when removing a tattoo. With strict military policy surrounding tattoos, tattoo removal is a need amongst Military personnel in order to expand career options.  

    For those who have chosen to retire from Military service and move on in a different direction, scars may be a badge of honor, or for some it may invoke trauma based memories and may even evoke PTSD. To help minimize psychological and physical scars, Delete offers two methods of treatment, the first being our new PicoWay Resolve™ hologynic laser treatment and the second our traditional Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).  Microneedeling treatment.. Both create collagen into remodel skin and smooth the appearance of scars.

    Delete’s board certified medical professionals are experts in pain management and offer injectable or topical numbing, so that all treatments are essentially pain-free. During Military Appreciation Month, Delete is also offering free numbing to those taking advantage of this special offer. We salute and appreciate the sacrifices of those who have served honorably and fought for the safety of our country.




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