Road tattoos: inking the ‘skin? of a community

    People use tattoos as a form of self-expression and a way to stand out, well now roads are getting tattooed too! Steed Taylor is a tattoo artist whose clients aren’t living, but still send a message. Steed’s current project measures 25? by 652? and is on display on North Street Drive at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

    Road tattoo

    – Image via Towelroad

    Steed’s design is a loop of galloons, the decorative gold braiding found on military dress uniforms. ‘This road tattoo honors our nation’s first openly gay and lesbian armed forces members by including their names in the piece,’ he said in this article by Towleroad.

    The road ink was inspired by the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. ‘Although gays and lesbians served in our armed forces since our country began, they are unknown,’ Steed continued.

    We think this is an awesome gesture that is a great way of showing how a community can come together for a cause. This road tat isn’t permanent, but it will stick in the minds of everyone who sees it!

    Would you like to see more street ink? How would you feel if this street was in your neighborhood?



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