Traditional Businesses Accept Tattoos, But Don’t Hand Out Promotions

With more than 49% of Americans having one or more tattoos, the working world has had to undergo dramatic shifts in policies regarding the appearance of tattoos in the workplace. Companies such as Revana, Bank of America and Dell Computers now allow employees to have non-offensive tattoos visible.  Traditionally, business establishments such as these required employees to completely cover tattoos and make their ink invisible to customers. In fact, it’s not only these few companies that allow tattoos; most do. Unfortunately what these businesses don’t report is that for those who have visible tattoos, receiving a promotion is highly unlikely.describe the image

Right or wrong, acceptance of workplace tattoos has opened up doors that were previously closed and allowed many who would have been considered unemployable to now hold jobs in traditionally conservative fields. Diversity is both embraced and a cornerstone value of most corporations and businesses. Employment seeking individuals with tattoos can definitely land the job with the company of their dreams, but is it the job of their dreams?  Mark Brenner, senior VP of external affairs at Apollo Group says, ‘Depending on if they are visible or offensive in nature, tattoos can have an impact on professionalism. Despite the acceptance of tattoos in the workplace, many senior execs believe tattoos portray a lack of professionalism and dependability.

Regardless of company owners? and policy makers? opinions on tattoos, Dr. Ira S. Wolfe expects, ‘there will be a sea change of attitudes toward tattoos in the next 25 years as tattooed and pierced peers begin running more companies.’ Wolfe also predicts that policies banning tattoos will likely become a thing of the past.  Once the current generations shift into being the movers and shakers, it will be interesting to see how social norms will be tested.  In the meantime, 25 years is a long way away and Millennials looking to move up the career ladder might feel the need to choose between keeping their visible tats and possibly missing that promotion, or removing them to make that climb. Just as we have the freedom to get a tattoo, we also have the freedom ? and should feel empowered ? to delete our tattoos when they no longer represent our desired image.

As Deleters, we believe that all people are individuals with valuable skills and aptitudes. Tattoos are a means of self-expression, period.   Having a tattoo doesn’t make anyone less qualified for a position.  But if the opportunity to move up presents itself and your ink is holding you back, turn to Delete – Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon for the most comfortable, effective and affordable tattoo removal possible. It’s about having options, but you need to be 100% ready to part with your art.

Having your tattoos removed is a personal choice, and a sensitive one.  So when you’re ready, let Delete give you a fresh tattoo-less start.



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