What Hurts More: Laser Hair Removal or Bikini Wax?

    When it is time to hit the pool this summer, many people begin to think about getting a bikini wax so they can have soft, smooth skin. At first, you may think a Brazilian bikini wax is the best way to rid your body of unwanted hair. However, several alternatives are equally effective with minimal discomfort―one of the most popular options is laser hair removal.

    If you are trying to decide whether you should get a bikini wax or laser hair removal, here is what you need to know to make the best choice for you!

    What is a Bikini Wax?

    A bikini wax pulls the hair in your bikini area out by the root, leaving it neatly manicured. Instead of removing hair from the entire area, a bikini wax can be customized to leave small patches of hair that are neat and clean. However, there are several downfalls to bikini waxes:

    • The effects are temporary
    • Skin is left feeling irritated and itchy after a wax
    • The wax is uncomfortable and painful

    If you want to stay groomed without the hassle of hot wax, there are many alternatives to bikini waxing. Waxing may leave your skin smooth longer than other methods, but it will always be a temporary solution. If you want smoother, softer skin without having to get a wax every few weeks, laser hair removal may be your best option.

    Laser Hair Removal

    When you opt for laser hair removal, you can ditch the razor and hot wax and still have a smooth bikini area. The process works by aiming concentrated beams of light at the hair follicles . These light beams stunt the growth of the hair follicles to prevent them from growing. Results vary widely, but most women get smooth skin that lasts months or even years. Not only is laser hair removal long lasting, but it also removes hair without irritating your bikini area or leaving behind itchy red bumps.

    Another benefit to laser hair removal is that the process can be customized to give you the look you want. If you prefer to be completely smooth, a laser can remove every bit of hair. If you just want to keep your hair neat and trim, the laser can work around patches of hair, leaving them neatly manicured.

    Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

    Laser hair removal comes with minimal discomfort. Because there is no hot wax involved and the hair is not pulled out of the skin with wax strips, it is a much more comfortable procedure. Most women feel tiny pin pricks when they have laser hair removal done on their bikini area, but that is the extent of any discomfort. The procedure is also considered safer than waxing because there is no bleeding involved.

    If you are ready to trim up your bikini area, consider getting laser hair removal from Delete Tattoo Removal & Laser Salon. We can help you achieve the look you want and leave you with soft, smooth skin that is long lasting. Call us today to set up your FREE consultation!



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