Brazilian vs. Bikini Laser Hair Removal: Which Is Best for You?

Bikini season is almost here, which means it is time to book your next laser hair removal appointment. There are several ways to manage hair around your body, but none offer the advantages you will receive with a laser.

Lasers are precise and can eliminate hair without damaging the skin. They offer predictable results and remove hair in a fraction of the time compared to other methods. ― Find out whether a Brazilian or bikini laser hair removal is right for you.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

For those who want to be completely bare down there, Brazilian laser hair removal is a great option. It removes hair completely from the region, so any ladies who plan on wearing a bikini to the beach would benefit from investing in this procedure.

The treatment is recommended for anyone who wants to remove all pubic hair. After the initial 10-12 treatments, you will only need to come back once or twice a year for maintenance. There is no concern with shaving on your own, as Brazilian hair removal provides you with a completely clean pelvic region.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

A basic bikini treatment provides you with many options on where to remove hair. One route to take removes all hairs that exist on the outline of your swimsuit. It will still leave some pubic hair, but they will be hidden by clothing. A lot of women who want to maintain more of a natural aesthetic would do well with this treatment. There are plenty of women who prefer to maintain their bikini area during the summer, but do not want to remove the hair from that area permanently.

Another option that some women prefer, is keeping a little bit more hair.. The laser technician starts at the top of the thong, and goes as low as they wish. These options are made possible thanks to the precision offered by the laser. The technician can get the exact area you want, so that you end up satisfied with the look and feel.

Which One Is Right for You?

Neither treatment is necessarily better than the other. It all depends on how much hair you want removed. Some women like to be au naturel, while others would prefer to have no pubic hair at all. For either treatment, you can expect minimal discomfort, and a minimal recovery period. If you are unsure which one is right for you, one of our experienced laser technicians is available to help you decide. They will offer recommendations for which one would be best for your preferences, and even the type of swimsuit you want to wear!

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