Brides: Dropping tattoos like a bad habit

Every girl dreams about it. The day your hunk gets down on one knee and opens that little box to reveal a question that comes with a sparkly little bonus on your left hand.’ Most women dub this as one of the best days of their lives. Then reality sets in and the planning begins; flowers, invitations, food, cake, music and the, of course, the dress.

As dress shopping commences, tattoo regret quickly takes over. While strapless gowns are leading the fashion trend, they are inspiring another new hot trend in bridal � laser tattoo removal.’ More and more brides are realizing that ink is not their best feature or what they�d like others to notice on their big day.

In fact, according to The Patient�s Guide, the name of ex-partner/spouse was the number one motivation to seek tattoo removal treatment.

While some brides are thinking about plans, others are planning to remove. Laser tattoo removal has become one of the hottest trends in bride-to-be preparation. So add it to the budget folks, the dress can�t cover everything.

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