Bustin Some Tattoo Removal Myths? No It’s Not As Difficult As You Might Have Heard

You might think your cold hearted ex’s name is forever embedded on your body, but thankfully, you don’t have to live with that tattoo for the rest of your life. With the advancements in technology, you can get rid of the tattoos you don’t want any more in half the time with our PicoWay Laser.

There are some myths going around in the tattoo industry, such as the tattoo removal process is long and painful, and often fails to remove the entire tattoo. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised ? here’s a list of things about laser tattoo removal to set your mind at ease:

Myth 1: Tattoos ink goes very deep

This is false. Tattoo ink only penetrates into the dermis, which is the layer immediately beneath the outer layer of your skin. This is done in order to avoid the tattoo from being disturbed when your epidermis (the outer layer) sheds and renews itself over time.

Myth 2: Tattoo removal can cause damage

Tattoo removal is no longer an unsafe process. One of the safest ways to remove tattoos is PicoWay lasers. PicoWay targets the ink and disintegrates its particles to eliminate them, thus making your skin look as unblemished as it was before you got inked. It does not affect the other layers of your skin and targets the laser onto a particular area, ensuring that the rest of your body stays laser free. Once these particles are broken down, your body will discard the ink.

Myth 3: Tattoo removal is a long process

The duration of the tattoo removal process depends entirely on factors like the size of the tattoo, colors, and even your skin tone. While tattoo removal was once a long process, technological innovation has led to a sharp decline in the time and number of sittings it takes to completely remove a tattoo. PicoWay’s predecessor, PicoSure, paved the way for advancements in laser tattoo removal techniques by making use of the ‘Picosecond technology’. This technology involves emitting laser pulses at a picosecond ? which is a trillionth of a second ? to disintegrate the ink particles.

While PicoSure had limitations in terms of being effective on only specific skin types and displaying scaring side effects, PicoWay has eliminated these factors to provide the most effective and safest tattoo removal process available to those who seek it.

Everyone’s doing it!

Laser tattoo removal is safe enough to have found popularity with a number of celebrities who have opted to erase their tattoos. From Megan Fox to Angeline Jolie, most celebrities have made use of this process to get rid of body art that they no longer care for. And you can too. Maybe that butterfly tattoo of yours doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. Maybe you want to remove the names of people you got etched on your skin a long time ago. Why carry around painful reminders of the past when you can get them removed?

The trick is to find the right company and the right technology to remove your tattoo. It is important to find professionals who have a solid track record in removing tattoos with no side-effects. By spending some time to compare different tattoo laser removal techniques and offers, you’ll know where to go to find the right treatments that are both affordable and effective.



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