Can’t wait to get your body marked up? Issues for young people to consider

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Do you really want that butterfly tattoo on your shoulder when you’re 50 years old? A recent blog by Youth Resources on raises the issues that young people should consider before inking their bodies.

The blog discusses how at a February 2010 Pew Research Center Conference, the ‘Millennial? generation had been discussed. Millennials are defined as those born between 1980 and 2000, and studies discussed at the Conference revealed that 38 percent of the Millennial generation has at least one tattoo.

What’s worse? 50 percent of those with tattoos have two to five tattoos, and eighteen percent have six or more! Tattoos have become mainstream in the media with celebrities like Kat Von D, and young people are constantly flooded with images of colorful and artistic ink.

Although getting a tattoo is a way to express yourself, keep in mind that such expression is permanent! Will that rose on your ankle still look as good when you’re a senior citizen and can get discounts at the movies for your age?

Here are a few reasons why young people should think twice about getting inked up:

  • What is your reason for getting a tattoo? Are you doing it to impress someone, rebel against your parents, or look cool? You have to be sure that you are permanently inking your body for the right reason. This decision affects only YOU.
  • Do others who have gotten tattoos still feel as good about their decision years after? You or the young person in your life should sit down with a respected adult and discuss their tattoo with them. Have their feeling changed? It helps to get other perspectives.
  • Tattoos will cause you to be judged. It doesn’t seem fair, and it isn’t, but let’s face it: when someone sees you have a tattoo, they will judge you. They’ll wonder what type of person you are, why you would permanently put something on your body, and some tattoos may even keep you from getting a job.
  • Removing that tattoo can be costly. Removing that tramp stamp will cost anywhere from $55 to well into the thousands of dollars. You will spend valuable time and money removing that tattoo you so badly wanted years ago.

Is it really worth it? Here at Delete, we don’t think so. That’s why we’re set on making your removal process as affordable and comfortable as possible!



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