Celebrities Having a Change of Heart ? Who’da Thunk?!

We hope you’re ready, people! The article we’ve decided to highlight this happy Friday showcases some popular celebs and hip-hop icons who have chosen to delete their ink. And who doesn’t love a little slice of celebrity gossip on a Friday morning’?

Shockingly (or not), most of the celebs in the gallery fell victim to the ever popular ‘lover? tattoo. Dedication tattoos? Really? Since when do celebrity love affairs last? ? Oh that’s right, they don’t.

Ben n Jen

?unless you’re Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner. Which reminds us, aren’t they the cutest celebrity couple ever? With the most adorable children?

We digress!

The point is that these celebrities have fallen prey to some bad ink (including the ever regrettable ‘I Heart [insert latest flavor of the week/day/month]? tattoo) and are now looking to erase their mistakes! There are some celebs listed that have legitimate reasons for their removals (a la 50 Cent cleaning up his skin so that he’ll be more eligible for movie castings).

But whatever the reason, it’s really all comes down to dedication ? either not enough to [insert your regrettable proclamation to XYZ here] or lots of dedication to their ‘craft.?

johnny depp1 300 400

Our favorite tattoo removal/modification story from this batch? Johnny Depp! He has the more comical remake of his tattoo. With a small tweak, the old dedication tattoo to his former beau, Winona Ryder, now reads ‘Wino Forever?. We’re in love ? even despite our usual anti-ink stance.

Nothing like turning a love tattoo into a cheeky play on a love tattoo! Johnny loves the finer things in life ? nothing wrong with that! And honestly, does his ink really matter? Johnny, we like looking at you no matter what your tattoo says. Seriously.

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