Celebrities, the beach, and their tattoos

Alright, so you may think ‘Isn’t February a little early to be worrying about swimsuits’?

While you may think you have at least two or three more months to worry about having to make that dreadful decision between a two piece and one piece, neither of which look as good as you want them to, celebrities must always be ready!

While jet setting around the world, celebrities must be beach-wear ready at all times! We came across this gallery of celebrities showing off their tattoos and beach bods and thought we’d share it!


All these bathing beauties reveled some ink in their tini bikinis! Our favorite has to be Julia Roberts though! Number one: She looks fabulous! Seriously, has she aged since Pretty Woman? It doesn’t look like it! Number two: Who would’ve thought Ms. Roberts would have such edgy ink?

As for us, we are glad we have some more time until we have to reveal are not ready mid-sections! If you have some ink you want gone before summer, give us a call!

What did you think on these stars? ink? Any surprises? Let us know in the comments!



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