Celebrity Tattoo Making Hollywood Debut

Miley Cyrus paid a visit to Kat Von D last week to ink herself! You’ll never guess what piece she is adding to her collection of tats. According to tweets by the former ‘Hannah Montana? star, the tattoo is a black-and-white illustration of a da Vinci anatomical heart. The tat work Miley had done comes amidst rumors her and fiancé Liam Hemsworth have called off their engagement. Was this a last minute plea to salvage their relationship? Luckily laser tattoo removal is an option should she regret her decision later on down the road.
Miley Cyrus' Da Vinci Tattoo

Miley Cyrus’ Da Vinci Tattoo

In other tattoo news, Harry Styles, from One Direction, and his new tattoo also made a public appearance on twitter. Harry is now sporting a black-and-white butterfly on his stomach.  Harry reportedly has about 30 tattoos already on his body. No word from him yet on how he feels about his new ink. Don’t know if that is a tell tale sign of tattoo regret or not. Only time will tell.Harry Styles Butterfly Tattoo

Harry Styles’ Butterfly Tattoo

The Bieber is also at it again, tatting an X on his skin. Justin Bieber’s tattoo is said to represent the Greek letter ‘Chi’ – which means Christ. Only 18 years of age, Justin Bieber reportedly has somewhere around 12 tattoos. At this rate, Justin will be in need of tattoo removal somewhere in his 20?s to free up some real estate on his skin.

Justin Bieber's 'Chi' Tattoo

Justin Bieber’s ‘Chi’ Tattoo

We always wish the best for these star’s, their tats, and their future. When and if they decide they no longer want their ink, there is a solution. Rest assured, when it’s time for a change, laser tattoo removal is an option. If you find yourself in a similar situation, DeleteTattoo Removal and Laser Salon is committed to removing your tattoos safely and affordably. With the advancements in laser tattoo removal there is no reason to be living with regrets and unwanted tattoos. Schedule your free laser tattoo removal consultation with Delete Tattoo Removal and we will help you achieve the results you are looking for.



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