Celebrity Tattoo Removal

Celebrities make Tattoo Mistakes just like everyone else

Tattoo mistakes aren’t just for regular folks. Sometimes, even much-loved celebrities end up with ink that’s questionable, to say the least. Here are some celebs that regretted their ink and went through the steps to have their regrets removed from their bodies.

“No More Billy Bob for Me!” Says Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie Tattoo Removal

Everyone remembers the slightly weird, slightly disgusting Angelina Jolie/Billy Bob Thornton romance. When they were married, Angelina not only wore a vial of her hubby’s blood around her neck (EW!), she also got had his name tattooed very prominently on her upper arm. Following the divorce, Angelina decided she wasn’t ready to live with the name of her ex branded on her arm, and had it removed. She’s replaced the Billy Bob piece with something a little more likely to last: the coordinates for the places where her children were born.

Adrienne Bailon Calls Kardashian Tat “Ratchet”Adrienne Bailon Tattoo Removal

In a tizzy of infatuation, Adrienne Bailon decided to get her butt tatted up with her beau’s name – Rob Kardashian. After parting ways, Bailon has decided to have the “ratchet tattoo” removed, but it hasn’t been’s not an easy or fast process. The “Kardashian” part of the tattoo alone is ten characters, quite a lot when it comes to removal. In fact, this wasn’t the first attempt Bailon has made to have the offending ink removed; the previous two tattoo removal attempts failed. Bailon’s third attempt in 2014 incorporated new technology that proved to be more effective. At Delete we have what’s called the PicoWay Laser, which is the best tattoo removal laser on the market.

Megan Fox Removes Marilyn amidst Negative Energy Megan Fox Tattoo RemovalWorries

While Marilyn Monroe is a well-known icon of American cinema, she’s also well-known for her mental instability, bouts of depression, and personality issues. Megan Fox, after a lot of thought, decided to have her Marilyn tat removed because she didn’t want Marilyn’s negative energy influencing her life. Fox reportedly has two other tats she’s considering for removal, as well.

50 Cent Says Tats not Worth the Aggravation50 Cent Tattoo Removal

In the early 2000s, rapper 50 Cent could do no wrong. His career was going well and his tats were a big part of his persona. However, after deciding to take up acting, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, decided that all the tats weren’t worth all the time he had to spend in the makeup chair having them covered for his roles. Tattoo removal was his only option, and he’s since becoming much more prominent in the acting world, much less inked, and much more mainstream. Tattoo removal was his best option.

Regretting Your Ink?

Delete Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon has great tattoo removal options for you. Not only do we have the most technologically advanced tattoo removal processes and tools, we’re also able to administer local anesthetics to alleviate the discomfort of the tattoo removal process.

Using the fast Picoway lasers and local anesthesia, Delete Tattoo can help you correct tattoo mistakes easily and with less pain than any others, who may not even be able to apply a topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort.

If you have ink you’re no longer proud of, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have it removed. Delete Tattoo can help! Please visit us today to learn more. Call in or stop by for a free consultation with one of our amazing doctors.




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