Come One Come All To Carnaval Eléctrico

Do you love music? Do you love to dance? Are you looking for something exciting to do this weekend? Phoenix New Times presents Carnaval El�ctrico. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the place to be this Friday, March 8th! Come on down for a magical jubilation of merriment and wonder! Carnaval El�ctrico is a celebration of musical pleasure and carnival festivities! There will be something for everyone!

Even if you are just looking for great ambiance, you will find it at the Crescent Ballroom, where Carnaval El�ctrico is taking place. If you are a Phoenician and have not been to the Crescent Ballroom, you definitely have to check this place out. If you are from out of town, all the more reason to go. If you’ve already been to the Crescent Ballroom then you know just how cool of a vibe this place is. Crescent Ballroom is one of the best music/lounge venues in downtown phoenix. The experience is not just about the music, but also a history. Crescent ballroom used to be an old car garage from the 1910s. The setting is the perfect backdrop for a good time!

Did we mention there will be great food? Not only does Crescent Ballroom offer up their own menu, some of Phoenix’s renowned food trucks will be there!

Aside from the above, Delete Tattoo Removal will also be there! And we hope to see you there! Get your tickets now! That’s the easy part; the hard part will be containing your excitement until Friday!



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