Confessions of a 30-Something and Her Neglected Skin

What to Expect from the New PicoWay Resolve™

In my early 30s, I found myself looking in the mirror one day when it hit me: the once-fresh face that stared back at me was suddenly no longer the picture of my youth.

It’s been no secret that my poor skin has been put through the ringer. Baby oil for (unhealthy) bronzing, tanning beds, regularly neglecting sunscreen and all-around lack of drinking enough water. On top of this, irregular sleep patterns from having two children left my face looking worn down.

I knew my skin needed a burst of new life, but I wasn’t sure I needed Botox yet. After all, the changes in my skin tone were obvious to me, but I still lacked the major creases that drive many to consider Botox. I needed an alternative, something more mild but with the ability to give me the refresh I desired.

At Delete® – Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon, the doctors recommended I try the brand new PicoWay Resolve™ Facial — a revolutionary dual wavelength fractional modality for the picosecond laser that rejuvenates skin.. For me, this meant my skin would be treated to a holistic facial –correcting years of damage from my teenage acne scars, sun spots from my tanning days and the small wrinkles that were beginning to emerge. I made my appointment immediately.

When I arrived for my Resolve Facial, I was met by the warm and knowledgeable Dr. Mundt who eased any nerves I had about my first laser facial immediately. As she examined my skin and the small creases that had formed around my crow’s feet, she excitedly exclaimed, “oh this will be fun” before snapping a few before photos.

Dr. Mundt gave me the rundown of what to expect and most importantly, when I would start seeing a difference in my skin. “In about one week, you’ll notice a big difference when you look in the mirror. And your friends and family will start remarking that you look well rested or you have a glow.” Sounds like a dream, I thought.

After applying the numbing cream on my face and neck, Dr. Mundt explained it lessens the irritation I will feel when the laser hits my skin. To my surprise, there was no irritation at all; the numbing cream worked beautifully as Dr. Mundt ran the laser slowly across my skin. Twenty minutes later, we were finished.

Dr. Mundt informed me I would experience redness for up to a day or so after the facial. Another pleasant surprise: after my Resolve facial in the afternoon, the redness had almost completely subsided by the time I went to bed. The next morning, there was no trace of redness.

A few days later, I started to notice the smoothness of my skin, a silky feel had been foreign to me for years. And one week later, I experienced the glow Dr. Mundt forecasted. Not only did my skin sparkle, I looked well-rested, felt younger and exuded confidence. A few weeks later, I took professional headshots and that confidence shined through from my Resolve facial. Two months later, the results are lasting.

For anyone wanting to seriously refresh their skin I highly recommend the Resolve Facial at Delete® (located in Phoenix on the northwest corner of Bethany Home Road and 16thStreet). You’ll no longer have to look back at your bad decisions in the mirror.

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