David Letterman gets harsh & “concerned” about the Biebs

Justin Bieber appeared on The Late Show last Thursday, but it wasn’t all fun and games. Or laughs, for that matter.

Letterman took on the role of Uncle Dave, according to this article from the LA Times. He chastised the Biebs for a recent tattoo, the word “Believe” on the inside of his forearm, commemorating the release of his new album. He has several other tattoos in various places on his body, begging the wonder if he’ll ever regret the immature ink.

“Tell me that’s the last one. Honestly, how does that help how you look?” Letterman asked.

Letterman even grabbed the singer’s forearm and tried to “scrub off” the ink. You can say it’s all in good fun, but trust us when we say the Biebs did not look amused. The talk show host kept the string of insults coming when he said he was concerned about Justin and made fun of Canadian high school education.

You can check out the video here. We’ve watched Justin grow up before our

The perils of being Justin Bieber.

eyes, from getting the simple irresistible lyrics of “Baby” stuck in our heads for hours to seeing him (meekly) punch a photographer in the chest.

Although Letterman was a bit more harsh than usual, it’s nothing the Biebs should hold a grudge about.



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