Delete-ify Yourself Before Your Big Day

It’s engagement season. According to Weddingwire, there are 10 days throughout the year where couples ask one another to put a ring on it: Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day are three days that fall onto Weddingwire’s list. Regardless of how you ask your beloved to marry you, on average it’s 12-18 months until the big day. This time frame is the perfect time to remove unwanted hair, old flame tattoos, and revitalize your body.

Remove (Tattoo Removal & Laser Hair Removal)

Once the lower temperatures hit during your 12+ months of wedding planning, it’s time to remove unwanted hair. Women, the best spots to remove unwanted hair for your wedding day can feel a little overwhelming but in all honesty, removing your truly unwanted hair is where you should start. From underarms to brazilians, Delete offers complete hair removal services. Grooms to be; work on those pesky beard bumps and keep your unwanted hair trimmed, thinned, and natural for the most important day of your life! Removing hair is about more than being hairless, it’s about feeling confident as you walk down the aisle and into the hotel room after the reception!

Love can happen more than once, and if you and/or your true first love were the impulsive type, you may have an old flame tattoo, or two – or even three. We understand how in love you both were at one point in your lives and that sometimes, that love fades, which does not mean you should live with the daily reminder of an old love when your new love is thriving. “Ax your ex off your back” and feel like you’re completely capable of launching into your greatest love adventure yet!

Rejuvenate (Facial Rejuvenation)

The greatest thing about lips is being able to kiss your fiancé and know without a doubt how deeply you love them. There are however, some people who feel a little self-conscious about their lips, or even how their face may look up close as they go in for the kiss. Push those feelings aside and make room for natural plump lips finished off with a glowing complexion. How can you achieve this pre-wedding look? Delete offers a plethora of rejuvenating solutions: Rebuilding collagen with Resolve laser facial treatments helping you rebuild collagen, and Juvederm to bringing new life to your lush lips with Juvederm injections, are just a sample of a two ways you can look flawless on your wedding day!

Revitalize (Nutrient & Vitamin Infusions)

In-between selecting a venue and choosing the best flowers and finding the perfect dress, you’ll probably feel a little run down – wedding planning adrenaline is not enough! Keep yourself perky with natural solutions. Aside from our amazing Immune Booster and Energizer nutrient infusions, keeping up with a daily vitamin regimen is important to maintaining a B12 Boost high and avoiding a cake tasting low. Toss your place setting plans to the side and whisk yourself away and into replenish mode. We guarantee revitalizing will sweep you off your feet.

We’re excited for you both as you begin your next journey in life together and offer not only our congratulations, but the perfect relief from the craziness of wedding planning. You can call Delete — Tattoo Removal and Laser Salon today to schedule your pre-wedding regimen and begin your walk down the wedding planning aisle!



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