Delete Tattoo Removal 4-n-1

Top 6 Reasons to do a 4-n-1 Tattoo Removal
a.       Makes treatment easy because people don’t have to come in every 6 weeks for a treatment (perfect for busy people, out-of-towners, or students going to school in a different state only coming back for their breaks and holidays).
b.      The 4-n-1 Tattoo Removal clears 4 treatments worth of ink in one sitting, sometimes more with easier black ink.
c.       Physicians deliver treatments for added safety and efficacy with NO SCARRING.
d.      Physicians can injectably numb the area before administering treatment allowing for a PAINLESS treatment.
e.      The doctors at Delete did their own research study to back up the results of Delete’s 4-n-1 treatment so they are EXPERTS  in the 4-n-1 process providing the patients with the best protocol for each individual.
f.        Treatment only lasts 1.5-2 hours, then no treatments to go through for 3-6 months.



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